Dress  -  Next

Blazer  - Atmosphere


Tight - New look

Shoe  - Michael Kors 

Necklace - Ebay

Bracelet - Claire’s

charm hand chain -  Old (Nigeria)

Bag - Seen 0n my past blog

Wore to: It was  a christening of a beautiful creature of God which he gave to a young couple, couldn’t be happier for them. In that happy mood I decided to go for a subtle neutrals which look so amazing together, I’ve had this tulip dress for a while, the cut is lovely and it fits perfectly, I love animal prints , I paired it with a blazer because it was cold,  the black taped blazer pushed the outfit to another level. I opted for one of my classic pumps also in neutral, guess am a neutral fan because it’s easy to pair with any bold colour if you need a little fun. my polo Ralph bag which I carried a lot because it’s neutral. And the charm necklace took it from typical office wear to cocktail hour. Am a little sad because I lost my father in law today but I was meant to do this blog yesterday but a little busy with some other project. We love him but God loves him more .Always dress to be you.