Welcome to my blog, am actually new to this, I have read a lot of fashion blogs in the last year, I tell you, some are great and relatable some ,not.
Thanks to my tutor that gave me Blog as an assignment because I never thought of starting one soon despite I love to dress up. My blog is basically for real women who love real style,be it designer or high street.

Skater Dress - Primark
Jacket - Parisian: Tkmaxx

Bag - Polo Ralph
Gladiator sandal - Next
Necklace - Accessorize
Sunglasses - Missoni
Belt :Primark

To : Town centre with husband and eldest daughter.

On :Mon 6th May 2013

Reason : Can you believe this dress is from Primark? Really loved the cut and the hemline , love how the belt cinched my waist to show off my hourglasses shape. All the items are old except the jewellery .I love the planet so I recycled a lot. It was a sunny day and bank holiday. We wanted to get my daughter’s early birthday gift and it was less to deal with since her sister is in nursery….Kids eeh . I top it off with the jacket in neutral as well because am not really in the mood for vibrant colours,afterall neutrals suit winter season perfectly, although the jacket serves as a blanket to cover up one of my insecurities which is my fat arm. Am actually a size 8Uk without my arms (I wish) not a fan of sleeveless . So what’s best to take the outfit to the next level than to wear a very comfortable, flexible, durable gladiator sandal. As you may know it was featured in all major fashion week show of SS 2013 collection. Mine is old though but Who would have thought that sandals for a warrior would later set the newest most popular fashion trend? Weather was really good, so took my daughter to park. Am glad I decided to stop procrastinating about this blog. Thanks for taking time to read my first blog. Thanks to my husband for taking the photos. Dress to love you,

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