Camouflage Spiked top - Gap

Jeggings - Select


Chanel jelly shoe -  Present

Pineapple pendant Necklace - New look

Spiked Bracelet - New look

Loop earing - Gift from sis in law 

Wore to : as wonderful as fashion stylist assistant sounds, it’s not actually glitz and glamour. First time I went for an assistant job ,I decked up like I was going into the moon ,I almost walk home with my bare foot…..Lesson learnt . Went with this camo spiked top because is so comfy and also in trend,  great colour for a winter season person like myself, I teamed it with a bold colour  jeggings to give it a little edge . Next time, I need to check the weather before rushing out , it was cold but still managed to do all my returns from  PR Agencies to designers…..Thank goodness . A lot went into all the Glamorous magazines cover you know? If you are passionate about what you do ,you enjoy it no matter what . Prepping for another assistant job tomorrow. Always Stay true to yourself , dress to be you

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