Chiffon dress -  Next

Skirt  -  Burberry (my girl)

Blouse - Next (my baby)


Shoe - Faith solo

Bracelet, earring ,ring -  Style

Shoe - H & M (my baby)

Necklace -  Accessorize ( my girl)

socks - mother care (my girl)

 Reason :  I decided to make an exception for my little angel since its her day so doing this blog about me and my angel that turned four yesterday. We didn’t have a party for her  but my friend was having a party for her son so I thought we should just celebrate it a little for her in church

 Having all this in mind I went with a little versatile chiffon dress with voluminous sleeves since we were heading to the party after church. It is so chic and it reminded me a lot about Gucci SS 2013, I have had this dress in my wardrobe since last year with its tag on ,I almost gave it away,never thought it will look this nice on and what a better way to make it work than with a spiked bracelets which made me think;I could actually pass for Dubai princess (wishful thinking) .

I bet my daughter outshined me a little (after all she is the birthday girl )her dressing is so in trend now, my girl is so fashion forward that  she ditched the tight for a socks on clogs sandal , her preppy mixed with chic look is so cute on her. You can check the new vogue for an inspiration of how you can wear socks with your pumps or sandal if you like to make a fashion statement . (Don’t think is for me , but never say never)

The party was good and my daughter got a shout out at my friend son’s party, she really enjoyed herself and  she told me  “mummy I want to go to party tomorrow" She was so disappointed when I told her it’s school day tomorrow.  Always dress to be you