V-neck t-shirt  -  Tommy Hilfiger

Jeans  -  Tommy Hilfiger

Blazer - Atmosphere


Belt  -  Gucci  

Boots - H & M

Scarf - New look

Bag -  Polo Ralph

Necklace  -  Claire’s

Wore to: I got a text message from the creative director of the fashion and art magazine that I always assist on his Jobs, asking if I could attend a showroom meeting with him. I wasn’t  sure on what to expect but it’s always good to go prepared at all times. With that in mind I decided to go with this Tommy Hilfiger  v - neck, which added a fashionable edge to this t-shirt making it perfect to pair with a jeans like I did, or a relaxed chinos Trousers. I paired with one of my classic Belts to break up the colour and create a visible waist . I also went for this blazer which made the outfit look corporate to attend any meeting. I opted for a necklace with a bright neutral colour to make the outfit pop a little. It was showers throughout yesterday but I walked under it fashionably without an umbrella since the one I had can’t stand the wind . The highlight of my outing yesterday was when a lady I was admiring at the Burberry office told me ”You look smart” whatever that meant to her. Always dress to be you.