Some of my lovely fans have requested that I should do a blog about body shapes since body shapes are mostly mentioned in blogs. In my opinion all body shapes rules can be covered by the five basic body shapes of pear, apple,hourglass, rectangle and Strawberry /Inverted triangle/top heavy.

 I believe you don’t need 12 or 20 shapes (like some other systems recommend)  because if you break each of these body shapes up into upper half and lower half rules, you have every base covered without everything getting too confusing.


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If you are the apple of someone’s eye then you’re pretty in proportion but tend to carry your weight around your mid section without a well-defined waist. You may also have fabulous legs and/or boobs so dressing is all about showing off those best bits and avoiding adding volume round your middle section.  Your goal as a apple shape is to accentuate the positive and bring balance to your shape as a whole .

Guide to clothes : Empire line and longer length tops will flatter your figure. Go for low necklines to draw the eye upwards, any dress or top ruched in the middle is great, the small gathers will confuse the eye into not knowing which bit is body, and which bit is fabric .

Avoid : Tight-fitting clothes like tube, fishtail and pencil skirts, it will not do you anything but emphasize your hip, waist and behind that you are suppose to disguise.





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Strawberry shapes have a figure that’s bigger at the top than on their bottom half because of broad shoulders and/or big boobs in relation to their waist and hips. Broad shoulders or bigger boobs can make you look top heavy .

Guide to clothes : Wide leg trousers and full skirt will balance out your body shape beautifully. You should not be afraid of bright colours on your bottom half . Go for V-necks and wrap tops .

Avoid ; Skinny leg trousers and shoulder pad are an absolute no-no ! Also steer clear of halter neck, puff sleeves , epaulettes and high neckline top or dresses like turtle neck, as it tends to build a tent around your chest .




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Rectangle /Boyish shape is straight up and down like a boy without the boyish chest to match. Many women would kill for your shape; there’s no area you want to minimise so you can get away with many things than most. However you may crave curves  but it is an illusion that can easily be created with the right clothing.

Guide to clothes : A structured coat ,dress ,tops that cinches in with a belt will make you look more curvy. If you have a small bust, its nothing a push up bra can't fix and you can get away with tricky to wear high-necked tops . 

Avoid ; Trousers and jeans that are low rise can make your torso look too long. Stay away from sheath dresses and stick to styles with more shape and structure instead.


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If you are bigger around the hips, bottom or thighs than you are up top, then you are bottom heavy beauty like the majority of women, you are a Pear! You’ve probably also got a fairly flat stomach you lucky thing. Work that womanly figure by adding more shape and structure above the waist by disguising the top half .

Guide to clothes :  Balance out your curvy bottom half with bold bright colour tops or tops with large collars, lapels or puffy sleeves , a line skirt a little below knee and boot cut trouser are your friend . Embelished neckline top and statement necklace will also draw attention to the top . Horizontal stripes on your top half will also widen you and bring balance to your bottom half.

Avoid : Pencil and tube skirt  especially tight-fitting ones will only emphasize your hips and behind. Stay away from skinny jeans and leggings unless you are pairing with a line tops that has hem below your hips . As skinny leg will only draw more attention to the bottom half . Horizontal stripes on your bottom half is a no no ! as this tends to widen your hips .




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Curvy hourglass ladies go in at the middle, often with a fuller bust and bottom to contrast with the smaller waist. You are blessed with a very sexy shape so you need to learn not to drown it in too-baggy clothes but also don't go too over sexy either - unless that’s the look you’re going for! 

Guide for clothes :  

Wrap-around tops and dresses are great for an hourglass as they emphasize their naturally thin waist. Items that come to a “V” are the most flattering neckline for an hourglass shape because they draw the eye down to the décolletage but also help to slim and narrow you. Keeping colours monochromatic gives a stylish finish ad will make you look well proportioned .Sleeves will not only add a little more shape across the shoulders, but are also a great way to flatter larger arms . Fluted, three quarter, puff sleeves,small draped sleeve will give just enough coverage to a heavier bicep and instantly slimming it downAlways look for a dress that lifts the boobs and elongates your short waist. 

Avoid ; Too high neckline as it makes the bust look completely out of proportion. Don't go near too wide print as anything larger will overwhelmed your figure . Shapeless baggy jumpers will only hide your wonderful waist. except you add belt for a defined waist of course! 





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Body shape can be simple for some, and a little harder for others. If one shape guide doesn’t fit your body shape, try mixing one or two body shape you seems to fall in to create a set of rules that suit your body perfectly. It may take a little bit of analysis but it’s well worth the effort.



Knowing your body shape and understanding the type of clothes that will accentuate your good features means you will be able to dress in a way that really suits you . You do not have to purchase any clothing that will do nothing to your body shape type but to overwhelm it . I hope am able to cover the basic for my lovely fans that has requested for this .  

Leave any comment or question you might have about body shape and I will gladly answer you asap . And if there is any other thing you want me to blog about ,Let me know.  Thank you